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This list of data is in it's formative stages and will be added to on an ongoing basis.
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Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD)
Many and varied Many and varied within Australia and its territories The Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD) is a national initiative supported by all governments under the auspices of ANZLIC - the Spatial Information Council. The directory links government and commercial nodes in each State/Territory and spatial data agencies within the Commonwealth Government.
Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) DT0 Country wide - in 10 degree chunks This DTED® product is a uniform matrix of terrain elevation values which provides basic quantitative data for systems and applications that require terrain elevation, slope, and/or surface roughness information. DTED® Level 0 elevation post spacing is 30 arc second (nominally one kilometer). For more information on the DTED standard, click here.
Eucalypt Data Project E00, comma delimited TXT Australia wide This project represents a collaboration of Australian Herbaria and Conservation Agencies and the Environmental Resources Information Network. Over 160,000 records of the specimen locality data of Eucalyptus, Angophora and Corymbia species in Australia have been collated, loaded and validated. 

Gravity Surveys (Queensland Department of Minerals and Energy) longitude/latitude (AGD66) XYZ Queensland Gravity data have been collected along a series of regional traverses and as grid infill, as shown below, using LaCoste and Romberg Model G Gravimeters. The station interval is 1-2km along traverses for the Normanton, Cloncurry, Rockhampton-Monto-Mundubbera, Southeast Queensland and Texas surveys, and on grid centres of approximately 4km for Ayr-St Lawrence (Mackay) and Boulia-Springvale. 
Placenames I & II SHP Australia wide Two files containing 33,299 & 32,964 geo-located Australian placenames respectively
Statewide data (various) E00 Statewide Admin/Political Boundaries; Geologic; Hydrography; Hypsography; Land Use/Land Cover; Transportation; Utilities
Time Zones MIF, SHP, Manifold Worldwide Open Source International Time Zones
UTM zones SHP Worldwide 21 by 60 zones of the whole world in 8 by 6 degrees of Lat./Long blocks. WGS84 Ellipsoid
UTM zones SHP Worldwide Geographic Projection supplied by Robert Graham

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