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US Ground
Russian Gnd.
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Some of the models below have a linked data page, some don't. Get over it.
bullet1V12/6 ACRV Russian Tactical Operations Vehicle
bullet2S1 Russian Artillery Vehicle
bullet2S19 Russian Artillery Vehicle
bullet2S23 Russian Wheeled Mortar Artillery Vehicle
bullet2S31 Russian Mortar Artillery Vehicle
bullet2S6 Russian Integrated Air Defense Artillery and SA19 Launcher 543 Prime Mover Vehicle
bulletANDROS Remote Controlled Explosive Disposal Robot
bulletBM21 Russian Truck Mounted Rocket Artillery
bulletBMP1 Russian Infantry Combat Vehicle
bulletBMP2 Russian Infantry Combat Vehicle
bulletBMP3 Russian Infantry Combat Vehicle
bulletBMW Z3 German Sports Car
bulletBRM3 Russian Reconnaissance Vehicle
bulletBRDM2 Russian Wheeled Reconnaissance Vehicle
bulletBRDM2/with AT-5 Russian Anti-Tank Rocket Vehicle
bulletBTR60PB Russian Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier
bulletBTR80 Russian Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier
bulletCRUSADER U.S Mobile Artillery
bulletCRUSADER U.S Mobile Artillery Resupply Vehicle
bulletD30 Russian 122mm Towed Howitzer
bulletFORD F150 1983 Pickup Truck 
bulletGAZ 66 Russian Truck
bulletGRIZZLY U.S. Combat Engineer Vehicle
bulletHAWK Trailer Mounted Air Defense Missile Launcher
bulletHEMTT M977/M985 Tactical Truck
bulletHEMTT M978 Fuel Truck
bulletHEMTT M983 Tractor
bullet HERA/STORM  BMDO Target Missle Launcher
bulletHIMARS U.S. Truck Based Mobile Artillery Rocket Launcher
bulletHMMWV AVENGER Stinger Anti-Aircraft Missile Launcher 
bulletHMMWV EFOG Fiber Optic Missile Launcher
bulletHMMWV M1025 Unarmed
bulletHMMWV M1025 with M2 50cal. Machine Gun
bulletHMMWV M1025 with MK19 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher
bulletHMMWV M1025 with TOW Missile Launcher
bulletHMMWV M1037 Shelter/ Tactical Operations Vehicle (TOC)
bulletHMMWV M998 Troop/Cargo Carrier
bullet Launcher
bulletLAVIII  KODIAK Wheeled Armored Fighting Vehicle
bulletLAV III With 105mm Low Profile Turret (ACV) Armoured Combat LAV BISON APC/Command Post
bulletLAV With 120mm Mortar Turret Wheeled Mobile Artillery 
bulletLAV25 U.S.M.C./Canadian  Wheeled Armored Fighting Vehicle
bulletLECLERC French Battle Tank
bulletLINEBACKER Bradley Stinger Anti-Aircraft Missile Launcher
bulletM1083  U.S.  Medium Tactical Vehicle 5 Ton Truck 
bulletM109A5 U.S Mobile Artillery
bulletM109A6 Paladin U.S Mobile Artillery
bulletM1117 ASV LAV150SD Based Military Police Wheeled Vehicle
bulletM1A1 U.S. Battle Tank
bulletM1A2 U.S. Battle Tank
bulletM113 U.S. Armored Personnel Carrier
bulletM113A3 U.S. Armored Personnel Carrier
bulletM2A2 Bradley U.S. Infantry Fighting Vehicle
bulletM2A3 Bradley U.S. Infantry Fighting Vehicle
bulletM35A2 U.S. TRUCK
bulletM577A2  M113 Based Tactical Operations Vehicle
bulletM577A3  M113 Based Tactical Operations Vehicle
bulletM60A3 U.S. Battle Tank
bullet M7FIST Bradley U.S. Fire Support Vehicle
bulletM84A Yugoslav Battle Tank (T72A Variant)
bulletM93A1 FOX U.S. Wheeled Armored NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle
bullet Missile
bulletMLRS M270 U.S. Mobile Artillery Rocket Launcher
bulletPAC3 Trailer Mounted Air Defense Missile Launcher
bulletPATRIOT Trailer Mounted Air Defense Missile Launcher
bulletPATRIOT U.S. Fire Control Radar
bulletPLS Palletized Tactical Truck
bulletPRITHVI  TEL Indian Ballistic Missile Launcher
bulletSA10 36N85 Engagement Radar Vehicle
bulletSA10 5P85SU TEL Russian Air Defense Transporter Erector 
bulletSA10 6N46 Long Range Survelliance Phased Array Radar and MAZ SA10 54K6 Command Vehicle on MAZ 543
bulletSA11 Target Aquisition Radar Vehicle
bulletSA13 Russian Air Defense Missile Launcher Vehicle
bulletSA15 Russian Air Defense Missile Launcher Vehicle
bulletSA2 Russian Air Defense Missile Launcher
bulletSA4 Russian Air Defense Missile Launcher Vehicle
bulletSA6 Russian Air Defense Missile Launcher Vehicle
bulletSA8 Russian Air Defense Missile Launcher Vehicle
bulletSA9 Russian Air Defense Missile Launcher Vehicle
bulletSCUD TEL MAZ 543 Russian Ballistic Missile Launcher for SS1b/c  
bulletSS21 TEL Russian Ballistic Missile Launcher
bulletT62M Russian Battle Tank
bulletT72 Russian Battle Tank
bulletT72A Russian Battle Tank
bulletT72B Russian Battle Tank
bulletT72BM Russian Battle Tank
bulletT80UK Russian Battle Tank
bulletT90 Russian Battle Tank
bulletTHAAD Air Defense Missile Mobile Launcher
bulletTHAAD Electronic Support Trailers
bulletTHAAD Ground Based Radar
bulletTRUCK Generic Truck
bulletURAL 375 Russian Truck
bullet Vehicle
bulletXM4 M270 Based Tactical Operations Vehicle
bulletZIL 157 Russian Truck
bulletZIL 131 Russian Truck
bulletZSU-23-4 Russian Air Defense Artillery Vehicle
bulletA-10 U.S. Fighter
bulletAC130U U.S. Hercules Gunship
bulletAEROSTAT U.S. Tethered Radar Blimp
bulletAH-1F U.S. Cobra Attack Helicopter
bulletAH-1W U.S. Whiskey Cobra Attack Helicopter
bulletAH-6 U.S. Attack Helicopter
bulletAH-64A U.S. Apache Attack Helicopter
bulletAH-64D U.S. Longbow Apache Attack Helicopter
bulletC17A U.S. Strategic Heavy Transport
bulletCargo Parachute
bulletCH-47SD Super D Model Chinook U.S. Cargo Helicopter
bulletDARKSTAR U.S. Stealth UAV
bulletDC-10 U.S. Transport
bulletE2-C U.S. Airborne Early Warning Aircraft
bulletE3-A AWACS U.S. Airborne Early Warning Aircraft
bulletE8 Joint STARS Ground Mapping Command and Control Aircraft
bulletF-14D U.S. Fighter
bulletF-15C U.S. Fighter
bulletF-15E Two Seat U.S. Fighter
bulletF-16 U.S. Fighter
bulletFA-18C U.S. Fighter
bulletFA-18D Two Seat U.S. Fighter
bulletGLOBAL HAWK U.S. Long Range UAV
bulletGULFSTREAM IV U.S. Business Jet
bulletHH-60H Rescuehawk U.S. Navy SAR Helicopter
bulletHUNTER U.S. Tactical UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle
bulletKA50 Hokum Russian Attack Helicopter
bulletKC-135R  U.S. Air to Air Refueling Aircraft 
bulletMC-130E Mod 90 U.S. Special Operations Transport
bulletMH-47E Chinook U.S. Special Operations Helicopter
bulletMH-6 Little Bird U.S. Special Operations Helicopter
bulletMH-60K Blackhawk U.S. Special Operations Helicopter
bulletMI17 Hip Russian Utility/Attack Helicopter
bulletMI24 Hind Russian Attack Helicopter
bulletMI8T Hip Russian Utility/Attack Helicopter
bulletMiG29 Fulcrum Russian Fighter
bulletMIRAGE 2000B/N French 2 Seat Fighter
bulletMV-22 Osprey Tilt Rotor
bulletOH-58C Kiowa Scout Helicopter
bulletOH-58D Kiowa Scout Helicopter
bulletPREDATOR U.S. UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle
bulletRAH-66 Comanche U.S. Armed Scout Helicopter
bulletSU25 Frogfoot Russian Fighter
bulletSU27 Flanker Russian Fighter
bulletSU37 Flanker Russian Fighter
bulletUH-60A Blackhawk U.S. Utility Helicopter
bulletUH-60L Blackhawk U.S. Utility Helicopter
bulletXF-35 Lockheed Joint Strike Fighter Prototype
bulletBAT U.S. Acoustic/IR Submunition
bulletEFOG U.S. Fiber Optic Guided Missile
bulletITOW  U.S. Anti-Armor Missiles
bulletJAVELIN U.S. Anti-Armor Missile
bulletLONGBOW U.S. Millimeter Wave Guided Version of HELLFIRE Missile
bulletSABOT Generic Tank Launched Kinetic Energy Projectile
bulletTOW  U.S. Anti-Armor Missiles
bulletTOW2  U.S. Anti-Armor Missiles
bulletTOW2A  U.S. Anti-Armor Missiles
bulletTOW2B  U.S. Anti-Armor Missiles
bulletAA10C Russian Radar Guided Missile
bulletAA10D Russian Infra-Red Guided Missile
bulletAA11 Russian Infra-Red Guided Missile
bulletAA2 Russian Infra-Red Guided Missile
bulletAA9 Russian Radar Guided Missile
bulletAMRAAM U.S. Active Radar Guided Missile
bulletPHOENIX U.S. Active Radar Guided Missile
bulletSIDEWINDER U.S. Infra-Red Guided Missile
bulletSPARROW U.S. Radar Guided Missile
bulletHARPOON U.S. Anti Shipping Missile
bulletMAVERICK U.S. TV/IR Guided Missile
bulletMK82 U.S. Free Fall Bomb
bulletMK83 U.S. Free Fall Bomb
bulletMK84 U.S. Free Fall Bomb
bulletPAVEWAY U.S. Laser Guided Bomb
bulletSADARM U.S. Parachute Shoot to Kill Submunition
bulletHAWK U.S. Radar Guided Missile
bulletPAC3 U.S. Radar Guided  Hit to Kill Missile
bulletPATRIOT U.S. Radar Guided Missile
bulletSA10 Russian Radar Guided Missile
bulletSA19 Russian Command Guided Missile
bulletSA2 Russian Radar Command Guided Missile
bulletSA4 Russian Radar Command Guided Missile
bulletSA6 Russian Radar Guided Missile
bulletSA9 Russian Infra-Red Guided Missile
bulletSTANDARD IVA U.S. Theater Radar/IR Guided  Anti-Missile Missile
bulletSTINGER U.S. Infra-Red Guided Missile
bulletTHAAD U.S. Theater Radar/IR Guided  Anti-Missile Missile
bulletATACM U.S. Tactical Ballistic Missile
bulletCSS-6 Chinese Tactical Ballistic Re-entry Vehicle
bulletMLRS U.S. Artillery Rocket
bulletPRITHVI Indian Tactical Ballistic Missile
bulletSCUD Russian Tactical Ballistic Missile
bulletSS-21 Russian Tactical Ballistic Missile
bulletAPACHE French Air Launched Cruise
bulletAS15 Russian Air Launched Cruise
bulletArleigh Burke DDG-51 Class U.S. Destroyer
bulletBOGHAMMAR Coastal Patrol Boat
bulletENTERPRISE CVN-65 U.S. Nuclear Aircraft Carrier
bulletFictional Deep Submergence Research Submarine
bulletLos Angeles 688I Class U.S. Nuclear Attack Submarine
bulletTRUMAN CVN-75 U.S. Nimitz Class Nuclear Aircraft Carrier
bulletASAT Satellite Interceptor
bulletCommunication Satellite
bulletDSP Imaging Satellite
bulletEarly Construction International Space Station
bulletENDEAVOUR U.S. Space Shuttle
bulletFictional Mars Transfer Ship
bulletInternational Space Station
bulletRL-10 Rocket Engine
bulletBlock Building
bulletBrick Building
bulletCamouflaged House
bulletGray Building
bulletWater Tower

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