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Premier CD
US Ground
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Each FACETS CD delivers many of our most popular models. Each model, although optimized for real-time performance, offers the highest level of realism available in today’s modeling community.  FACETS models have been proven real-time ready through incorporation into military trainers, commercial trainers, and battlefield war game visualizations showing numerous vehicles in the field of view simultaneously.
Models are delivered in OpenFlight 15.5 and CG² VTree. For specific compatibility information, contact CG².
CG² models provide versatility through attributes that offer the highest levels of realism available without sacrificing real-time performance.
bullet LODs. A CG² standard model has three levels of detail; high, medium, and low. In some cases a fourth LOD is added to accommodate a unique feature. Also provided on each FACETS CD are VTree models of each LOD. These models are to be used with older versions of VTree that do not support multiple levels of detail.
bullet Articulations. Articulated parts are standard on ground vehicles. The naming convention is standard: "turret" (the turret or rotating geometry attached directly to the vehicle), and "barrel" (or gun that rotates up and down in conjunction with the moving turret). For VTree users, each articulated part is provided as a separate model. Coordinate offsets for these parts can be found on the individual model pages.
bullet Destroyed States.  Destroyed states as provided with models where appropriate. The OpenFlight models have switch beads that allow the programmer to toggle between the healthy and destroyed model. These states are provided in separate   VTree model format.
bullet Animations. Animations have been implemented where appropriate; helicopter rotors, propellers, etc.
bullet Multiple Textures.  Multiple textures (camo, desert, olive drab, etc.)  are provided to accommodate various simulated environments. All textures exceed industry standards for quality and detailing. Textures for destroyed models provide extra realism through the appearance of burned paint, exploded hatches, broken glass, etc. An IR texture is provided to give the illusion of visualizing a model through a thermal imaging sight.
bullet Source Data. When available, scaled drawings are used to accurately detail geometry. CG² uses its own library of sources as well as customer provided information. While actualphoto-textures are not implemented, numerous photographs are used in the development of highly detailed, photo-realistic texture maps.
**Additional attributes available upon request. VRML and other formats available upon request.
Monitor Calibrations
For optimal viewing of CG² models, the monitor display should be calibrated according to the CG² color calibration test pattern. Instructions are included beside the color bars on the test pattern image for manipulating the various monitor settings.
Monitor settings: Contrast and Brightness typically can be adjusted on the monitor itself. Additionally, a control for tempering the warmth of "white" may also be available.
Control Panel settings: A Gamma control may be available in the system control panel. To find out, right-click on the desktop and select Properties, or, under the Start menu, select Settings, then Control Panel, then double-click the Display icon. Look for a Gamma setting control, possibly in a color calibration sub-panel.
Suggested starting settings:
bullet Set Monitor Contrast to 100%.
bullet Set Monitor Brightness to 50% if Gamma adjustment is available. Adjust Gamma until the test pattern displays correctly.
If no Gamma adjustment is available, adjust Brightness until the test pattern displays correctly.
Below is an example of the image to use for color calibration. When performing the actual calibration, use one of the full resolution images located in the Color_Calibration directory.If you need help, please contact CG² Tech Support. or phone 1-888-539-0112.


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