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bullet A Private Universe: A Statement about David Gregory
bullet My Private Universe: A Statement by David Gregory
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A Private Universe:

A Statement about David Gregory

David Gregory was born in Dromana on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula and currently resides in nearby McCrae.

His passionate intrigue with quirky, mysterious and unique imagery can be traced as far back as kindergarten. His friends would draw a picture of their dad’s head with stick-like legs poking out from the neck, whilst Gregory produced a detailed painting of a scuba diver riding on a giraffe’s back.

In his final year of secondary school, he was awarded the prestigious Peninsula School Hazel Sholl Art Prize for excellence in painting. Shortly after, he received a “Special Distinction” for Higher School Certificate Art. (One of only five in the state)

He studied tertiary art at Melbourne State College in the late 1970’s, (now Melbourne University), under the guidance of many prominent art lecturers and artists, culminating in a sell-out exhibition in his fourth year. He graduated with Honours and was accepted in to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology to study his Master’s degree in ceramic sculpture but was unable to proceed due to teaching commitments.

Since then he has contributed to twenty-eight exhibitions throughout Australia and is represented in private collections in Australia, Great Britain, The United States of America and Hong Kong.

Gregory’s paintings are often conceptual, relying on metaphors and invented landscapes to capture the attention of the viewer, who in turn is urged to guess at a meaning which may suit them personally. His paintings are not depictions of a specific geographic region, but more an evocation of the essence of a place, combined with the artistic licence of his whimsical imagination.

He has taught art in secondary schools for over twenty years and currently teaches at Mount Eliza Secondary College, Victoria, Australia. 

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My Private Universe:

A Statement by David Gregory

My current ceramic 3Dworks are the result of over 20 years of exploring texture and shape in clay.  They are a natural evolution of once often complex, ambiguous works, whose forms have been distilled into the purity and essence of crescent-like horns; things of beauty and also, symbols of extinction.  The surface is now a three dimensional 'canvas' upon which I create anything from meticulous under-glaze images through to Japanese-inspired crackle glazes. Sometimes these have windows cut into them, encouraging the eye to explore within these spaces, and yet paradoxically, the openings are barred by criss-crossed wire, foiling any attempt to look more closely.

The sculptural themes have spilled over into my paintings and drawings - an area where I am permitted more freedom to express ideas, concepts and spiritual notions which "scratch at the door" of my mind.   The images are simply always there, emerging and evolving through connected themes. Much of my work is invented mythology where  various elements seem to irrepressively reappear and I find myself accommodating them, like the custodian of a shelter for wayward thoughts. Some locations depicted are geographically nowhere in particular, but may be reminiscent of anywhere from the Australian outback, a Tuscan field, a curtained stage, or another planet.  They are often evocations of a district, capturing the lingering, transient qualities which fascinate me - places where "reality" collides with the  artistic licence of my whimsical imagination.

David Gregory

December 1999.

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David Gregory's Resume

1957 Born Dromana, Victoria, Australia.

Formal Qualifications

1976 - 1979  Bachelor of Education, Art and Craft, Melbourne State College  (Melbourne University).

Work Experience

1996 - 2003 Private Art Tutor, McCrae.
1980 - 2003  Secondary Art, Graphics, Ceramics, Photography Teacher: Manangatang Higher Elementary, Pakenham High, Berwick High, Neerim District Secondary College, Toorak College,
Frankston High and Mount Eliza Secondary College.
1979 Ceramics Tutor, Council of Adult Education, Melbourne.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2002 "The December Show", Manyung Gallery Mount Eliza Victoria
2002 "Outback and Beyond", QANTAS Club Lounge, Melbourne
2002 Dromana Art Show 
2001 "Australia Illustrated", Centenary of Federation Exhibition - Brunswick
2001 "Realities", QANTAS Club Lounge, Melbourne
2001 "Origins", QANTAS Club Lounge, Darwin
2001 "Art... For All Seasons", QANTAS Club Lounge, Melbourne
2000-2001 "The December Show", Manyung Gallery Mount Eliza Victoria
2000 "Born to be an Artist",  Yering Gallery
2000 "Heart Of Australia", Melbourne QANTAS Club Lounge
2000 Dromana Art Show
1999 Antipodes Gallery,  Sorrento
1999 "Simply Beautiful", QANTAS Lounge, Sydney.
1999 Toorak College Fine Art Exhibition, Mount Eliza
1999 "Been There, Wish You Were Here", Yering Gallery
1998 Toorak College Fine Art Exhibition, Mount Eliza.
1998 Guest Artist, Dromana Rotary Art Show, Dromana.
1997 Toorak College Fine Art Exhibition, Mount Eliza.
1997 "Three Brothers, Drew, James and David Gregory", Eltham Wiregrass Gallery, Eltham.
1983 Carolyn Hill, Kathryn Soanes, David Gregory, Devise Gallery, South Melbourne
1979 "Crafts At The Meat Market", Meat Market Craft Centre, North Melbourne.
1979 "Craft Constructions", Gryphon Gallery, Melbourne State College, Carlton.

Solo Exhibitions

2000 "A Private Universe", Art Affairs Gallery, Carlton

Interviews, Reviews and Articles

2000 "McCrae Artist's Strange Universe", The Mail, August 17th 2000
2000 "A Skewed View Of Reality", Mornington Peninsula Leader, August 22nd 2000
2000 "A Private Universe", The Southern Peninsula Local, August 22nd , 2000
2000 "Sculpture Culture" The Flier, December 11th, 2000
1997 'Brothers Unite For Show'. June Yu, Diamond Valley News, Nov.26
1997 'Gregory's Art A Three-Faced Gem'. Southern Peninsula Mail, Nov.20
1983 'Carolyn Hill, Kathryn Soanes, David Gregory'. Review by Rob Jenkins, Craft Australia magazine, December.


2000 Highly Commended (for "Interplanetary Travel"), (judged by Neil Wanstall, lecturer in Art history at Chisholm Institute; Member of the International Artists Association UNESCO).
1982 First Prize, Open section, Pakenham District Photographic Competition.
1975 Special Distinction - Art, Higher School Certificate.
1975 Hazel Sholl Memorial Art Prize, The Peninsula School,  Mt. Eliza.
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